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All New OH BAR Duo Sampler!  Try 1 of Each Flavor.    BUY NOW


What’s an OH BAR?

An OH BAR is an Organic Health bar that is quite possibly the most vibrant, delicious, and nutritious energy bar ever! All ingredients are organic, raw, sourced from local providers, and loaded with protein, antioxidants, phytonutrients, and other healthy and tasty elements. A perfect food for those following a Paleo lifestyle. OH BARs are currently available in two flavors: Original and Cacao/Goji Berry


What’s inside an

Inside each and every OH BAR we have all-natural, organic ingredients carefully hand-crafted with our special ingredient … LOVE!


What’s not inside an OH BAR?

We’re ecstatic that we do NOT include the most popular allergens and chemically-modified ingredients that you can’t pronounce, let alone digest!

  • No gluten, wheat, nuts, grains, dairy, or added oils
  • No preservatives or shelf stabilizers
  • No genetically modified ingredients

Made with Tender Loving Care

ohbar-originalOH BARs are high-quality artisanal products made in small batches entirely by hand. We handle our wholesome mix as gently as possible so the seeds remain in their most natural (and nutritious) state. No chopping or smashing allowed! Our super food bars are dehydrated at low temperatures, never baked, so they are chock full of the living enzymes your body craves. All seeds are pre-soaked in filtered water, which enhances their nutrient value, makes them easy to digest and absorb, and cuts the fat content in half.

Good for You and the Planet

Our earth-friendly OH BARs are packaged in BPA-free, biodegradable, non-polluting cellophane bags made from cottonwood trees. The cellophane provides an oxygen barrier that is 100 times greater than plastic. It is superior for products without preservatives like OH BAR! Please recycle.

Midori Nishida, N.D. on OH BAR

science-wisdom“What sets OH BAR apart from other protein and snack bars is the consideration, care, and love Ellie and Joyce put into making them. They only use high quality organic and hypoallergenic ingredients, making the bars available to many food sensitive adults and kids. The packaging is non-toxic and ecologically friendly. I greatly appreciate their attention to detail in making a healthy and globally conscientious product. Finding clean and safe foods is becoming increasingly difficult in general and I thank you, Joyce and Ellie, for creating very nutritious, healthy and tasty OH BARs that I can recommend to my family, friends, and patients with absolute confidence.”

Midori Nishida, N.D.
Naturopathic Doctor, The Essence: Naturopathic Medical and Healing Center